Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Raleigh is just a short distance from the Pistolet Bay campsite. We spent most of our time talking to Abiel Taylor about his work, his background in carving and about Raleigh. It seems there are fewer pieces of whale bone around, so selecting one of Abiel's works was a special event. He had a good sense of humour he even suggested a rationale for us to accomodate the purchase of another special carving. I was tempted, but took his card to keep in mind for the future. A visit back next year would not take much convincing.
Then we were off to tour the Burnt Cape ecological reserve. If we had more time this would be the place to go to find rare and unique Newfoundland plants, especially some rare small orchids. You would be wise to go with the tour leaving Pistolet Bay. We missed the official tour but it was encouraging to know this site(almost the whole peninsula) is protected.
Pistolet Bay is accessible through the small neck of land at the base of the bay within Raleigh - we didn't get a chance to kayak in Pistolet Bay and along the outer part of peninsula where you can access the famous Oven.

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