Sunday, September 5, 2010


We lucked into incredibly sunny weather when we arrived in Quirpon(pronounced car-poon. Quirpon is the second last community at the end of the road(430)- L'Ainse aux Meadows is about 20 km north west. John, a local resident enthusiastically encouraged us to use his land, to carry our kayaks to the beach. A French bread oven was remade on his property to assist in recognizing the French connection since the 1600's. This area was frequented by French fishermen based on a treaty in the region until 1904.
The south side of Quirpon Island can easily be reached by kayak but the paddle along the east side to the harbour that accesses the Inn on the Island is not something you would attempt alone. On this weekend we missed meeting up with the resident Quirpon Island kayaking guide, so we took the time to kayak around the harbours and inner coast.

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Brian Newhook said...

Looks like you had a beautiful trip. Thanks for sharing.