Friday, July 30, 2010

St.John's Ghanian drum group

The other day we dropped by the Harbourside Park to experience the Dzolal Drum and Dance Ensemble perform. A unique sound from Ghana.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kayaking around town

A great way to end the Canadian Physiotherapy Association congress was to head out of the city and hit the water. The weather called for gusts of 50 km but we were well protected within Bay Bulls. The sea stack commonly referred to as the Pulpit is a great rock feature seen from the East Coast trail. But you gain a whole different perspective from the water.
It is typically hard to negotiate going around the Pulpit this time of year due to wind and swell but one double safely managed.
There have been no whales inside the bays yet but one of the tours spotted a fin whale among 7 humpbacks. And there seems to be a lot of whales a fair distance from shore but within reach of the tour boats.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sinus problems and use of noseplugs.

Last week I was in the pond and did not have the nose plugs on - big mistake. For some reason freshwater does not have the same inclination to drain as salt water. The result for me was massive sinus pain and headache right in the region of the eyebrow.

As I understand it there are different ways bacteria get into the areas that normally get infected. The sinuses are hollow spaces in the bones of the skull. It is easy for water to get into those spaces and sit, which allows the bacteria to do its work. Not all water drains out when you are upright, primarily because of how the sinuses are positioned. For me, even some time after being in the ocean, I can experience a sudden release of water from the nose. This does not happen for me when in the pool or in freshwater - I don't know why.

The sinuses are air-filled bony cavities located in the face and skull adjacent to the nose. There are four pairs of sinuses. The right and left frontal sinuses are found in the forehead region, the maxillary sinuses are in the cheek area, the ethmoid sinuses are between the eyes, and the sphenoid sinuses lie deep in the center of the skull. The exact purpose of the sinuses is a matter of some discussion for the experts. The sinuses then can either be inflamed, irritated or infected.

At any rate - I think I got a rip roaring inflammation. I took some decongestants and bought a neti pot and this was very effective. I highly recommend the neti pot idea. The video gives a good commentary of history and view of the easy procedure, but I obtained mine from Shoppers Drug Mart and used boiled(and then cooled to lukewarm temperature)water.

A simple preventative measure is to throw on a $3.00 pair of noseclips. Especially for practices. I found a pair through the local grocery pharmacy section or the drug store.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Be cautious where you park

My kids often give me a hard time about how and where I park in Toronto. This video is the best evidence to support my approach. A 62 year women was driving the car that subsequently left the scene. Not only did the person seriously damage some cars - she casually left as if nothing happened. It took place at a fitness gym in Richmond Hill. York regional police eventually made an arrest.
I am hopeful that in the course of her parental duties this women did not actually offer her own children - driving advice.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kayaking close to home

You don't have to travel far to get on the water in St.John's.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Big Wild

I assumed that waterways and wilderness areas were recognized by all as being critically important - MEC and others have pointed out that a very small proportion of land is protected. Here in Newfoundland significant tracts of land are restricted on the Avalon close to the East Coast trail, national and provincial parks are protected as are sections of wilderness and recently Torngats and Mealy Mountains have been recognized by Parks Canada. Access to wilderness sections on the east coast require permits to canoe and hike.
Todd Macfie is one of the hosts you might remember a couple of years ago who made Across Asgaard. A combination of humour and outdoor adventure make for a great way to document unique areas.
The north west coast of Newfoundland is on my list for a summer trip.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Surfer's Ear

For those of us in the cold water a lot or even on the water, maybe we should consider wearing ear plugs? Over the years there may be subtle changes to the ear canal. Surfer's ear is actually a small bit of bone growth that is caused by temperature changes in the ear canal either by wind or cold water. Surfer's are prone to this because they are more frequently in the water - but it is not clear how much is a lot. A key factor is the coldness of the water. Wind is another factor combined with water splash.
Check out this site:
An ear plug keeps a warm pocket of air in the canal blocking cold water and air out without loss of hearing and balance.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!!
A good day to paddle.