Sunday, April 15, 2012

Road to Nowhere

Typically all the road signs look like this one - at the four corners. The Road to Nowhere has become so popular that the road sign is impossible to keep up. The urban myth is that collectors of travel memorabilia keep taking them down. This has made the Road to Nowhere harder to find, to the point that you start to wonder if you are on the legitimate Road to Nowhere or whether you are indeed - nowhere. I eventually confirmed the RTN through the knowledge of a local taxi driver. Taxis by the way charge a $6.00 flat rate per person, regardless if you are going to Northmart, Apex or Nowhere.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Toonik Thyme

I am fortunate to be here at the same time as Toonik Tyme. This is a spring festival that has been going on every year for more than 40 yrs. Tonight was the opening ceremonies, MCd by local comedian Anguti Johnson(who did the video below) and featured throat singing, dancers, and a range of singers and musicians. There was a special presentation to renowned hunter Solomon Awa. Solomon was named Honary Toonik in recognition for his contribution to the community over the years. The evening wrapped up with a local Iqaluit band called the Jerry Cans. Everyone gets into the spirit of the event to the extent that we all have Friday afternoon off - which will give me a chance to get to the Parish Hall for Caribou stew.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dog Sledding in Iqaluit

Took time out to take a trip through Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park with Louis from Inukpak Outfitting. A great opportunity to explore the land and experience dog sledding. And what better time to do it - sunny, only -15 and light winds. The dogs were great and it was a bonus that they were friendly and let me help with harnessing. Part of the route followed the Sylvia Grinnell River.

Judo Competition

This is a great video and coverage of a World Masters Tournament held earlier this year in preparation for Olympics.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter in Iqaluit

Temperatures soared today to zero.
The trail onto Frobisher Bay was slushy and for the first time the hike was a wet one.
I walked a fair distance out onto the ice but turned back just before I came across some huskies staked and waiting for their owner.I was a little wary of getting too close to the dogs in case they were either loose or could become untied.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Loan Leaf fan in Iqaluit

In my wanderings today, I came across evidence of a Toronto Maple Leaf fan base. I understand Montreal is the favoured team here in Iqaluit, so it is good to know there is at least one other Leaf fan.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Storm Shuts Down Gov't Offices and City

Heading out this morning to walk into the clinc, I expected the cold and wind. Last night walking back from the Frobisher Inn for weekly wing nite, I could not see the usual trail leading back to the main street. And I could hear the wind all night. I had used an extra base layer and made it in without a problem; I even made it out and back for lunch. With 50-60km winds the wind chill brought the temperatues down to -30. I just stepped in through the door at 1250hrs, when I received an email saying everything was shut down. Storm warnings are taken seriously, so those who were out for lunch and had heard, did not try to come back. As I stepped out again I could not make out any features from the airport seen so clearly this am. Visibility was dramatically reduced, so that even in the city, if stranded anywhere this could be dangerous because of the cold temperatures and the few folks out walking around that might be able to help. I made it back to the apartment taking shots as I walked and shortly after taxis stopped running and the grocery shut down for the rest of the day. I don't know where they go, but the usual group of ravens were tucked away somewhere and noticeably quiet. Great afternoon to have a coffee and review some papers.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Canadian Olympic Teams - Final Preparation

Great video - I am looking forward to watching all the events. Up next for Judo players is the Pan Am Games in Montreal April 27 to 29.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Heat wave in Iqaluit

The weather report suggested clouds and freezing rain at 0730hr - it was cold early this am walking up to the gym but everything is relative.I had less heavy layers and wind pants instead of snowboard gear. As the day went on it just got better and better. It seems the sun plus a drop in temperatures to about -5 to -9 brought everyone outside. I walked the loop overlooking Iqaluit. I discovered a number of murals below the QGH hospital and scuplture on the front lawn of the Arctic College. The Frobisher Inn dining room was full, so I just kept walking. Skidoos were everywhere - snowmobilers on Iqaluit waterfront are the equivalent of bikeriders on the Toronto boardwalk. Given the blazing sun and drop in wind, I took a long hike out onto the bay. It seemed to make sense to follow the trails skidoos had made. But once they were past, they were out of eyesight very quickly. That left me in the midst of huge tossed piles of pack ice and large snowdrifts.I am not sure where everyone was going but kids were packed aboard sleds and on the backs of skidoos and they all winded their way out to the middle of the bay as if they were on mobile roller coasters.