Monday, September 6, 2010

Pistolet Bay

Pistolet Bay was our base for several days to travel to St.Anthony, Raleigh, St.Lunaire Griquet, L'Ainse aux Meadows and points in between. There was spectacular scenery and we met great folks - and heard many stories from folks running coffee shops, businesses and restaurants all around the region. The park is a great refuge but when the fog, wind and rain set in a good tarp for cooking and a solid tent is needed for a good nights sleep. I found the staff very helpful when picking a spot if choice is possible. If you are using a tent I recommend site 60.


Brian Newhook said...

Hi Mike,
Me and Angie stayed in the exact same campsite back in 2005, and in the middle of the night a moose walked right past our tent.

Nice park, beautiful area. Did you do any paddling while there?

michael said...

Hi Brian,
We had a great time - Judy found some of the winds hard do we were a bit limited, but we managed to kayak in the Quirpon Harbour.