Saturday, March 31, 2012

By and On the Bay - here in Iqaluit

This is a brilliant day, by all accounts much milder than last week. But walking around town and onto the ice on the bay I still needed goggles and face/neck protection. I have even been putting on the sunscreen. I dropped by the craft fair held at the Parish Hall and met a number of folks who made jewelry, gloves, hats and met a photographer who took some great shots all around Baffin Island. Outside the skidoos were flying - this was a great day for touring kids and adults around the bay. The pack ice seems to change subtly, though the bay is frozen solid for miles. I am hopeful to get out before I leave to see where the edge of the ice meets the open water; but this may not happen for awhile.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Frobisher Bay

Today was brilliantly sunny but the wind chill brought the temperature down to -49 degrees - I was wondering why my jacket was starting to get stiff and crackly. I took a brief break indoors to view the new print exhibit at the museum - then hiked around the breakwater on Frobisher Bay. Found a small independent coffee shop near that end of the beach, fresh coffee and a chance to defrost my goggles.
As I walked around Iqaluit I frequently heard screams and calls, every once in a while I am thrown off until I realize the source - ravens. They must be sturdiest birds around. They perch in the coldest temperatures and are always flying about town.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Iqaluit - Nunavut

I lucked into a locum with Rehab Services here in Iqaluit. Incredible spot - sun seems to be brilliant every day.
I am staying at the Discovery Lodge which is a short walk to the beach of Frobisher Bay. The waters of the bay are frozen solid with piles of pack ice tossed about by the action of the tide. I am not sure I will be here for the breaking up of the ice - but most locals take to skidoos not kite flying and skis.