Monday, February 28, 2011

Five Fingers

Tim Ferriss on Vibram Shoes from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.

Who could pass up dropping by a MEC, especially in Halifax?

Pick up your pair of Five Fingers now - in June, July or August when you want them there won't be any left.

Found this video interview from an enthusiastic wearer who provides more information and his thoughts on FFs.

I am still not convinced these shoes or barefoot running is for most of us - since a substantial amount of stress is transmitted through the heel with heel contact and that is why we use a running shoe with a bit of a cushion. Most of us who run - even short distances can feel symptoms in the lower leg when our shoes are wearing out.

But the Five Fingers would be great for pools, beaches, kayaks.

Judo Action

Judo action shots are included above:
1. big throw in women's competition
2. Judges in action - a few times in the tournament the referee and the judges have to go to the tape for confirmation of a call
3. NB and NS judo coaches in action.
4. creative tape job by St.Mary's Athletic Therapist - saved NS competitor from losing the match due to injury
5. Uchimata
6.Hold down
7.Powerful throw

Canada Winter Games

Just arrived back from a busy week at the Canada Winter Games. All the Judo was hosted by St. Mary's University. A great venue, with a terrific team. The medical coverage was much appreciated by all the athletes. Practices were held Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Friday. Competition days were Wednesday and Thursday. So Friday was a recuperation day as well as a modified practice. One of the demanding parts of the week for the athletes is watching what and how much they are eating since each competitor had an official weigh in for the individual and the team competition.
Day 1 - a very business day with 4 men and 1 woman competing. One of our athletes managed to get into the play off for a bronze medal.
Day 2 - one each in the men's and women's divisions.
The individual competition resulted in establishing positioning for teams in the draw for the final team event.
Day 3 - the Team Competition - our men's team fought hard but were overcome by Team Quebec.
A great tournament and overall a great experience for the athletes.
Halifax, Nova Scotia and all the volunteers did a superb job in organizing and running the Games. Locally our club instructors, provincial association and provincial staff did a huge amount of work, to make the competition a reality for the athletes involved - my hope is that these athletes will continue to be involved in judo, other sports and continue to be active for years to come.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snowshoeing on the East Coast Trail

Today was a perfect day for snowshoeing, -9 but sunny and low winds. We chose the East Coast trail section that is quite close.A quick drive to the top of Quidi Vidi Lake, turn off the road and park up behind the generator. The start of the trail is marked across from the small water fall where Quidi Vidi river finishes it last run into the harbour. A good section of the initial trail and climb has several great views of Quidi Vidi - basically a village or small town within St. John's. As you continue to climb you get a good view of the gut which is basically the small opening that links the harbour to the Atlantic. Lots of climbing, short runs or winding through woods, as you wind your way along the coast. Great exercise - you can choose 2hr or 8 hrs - but yu need to leave one car at Logy Bay.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ottawa Winterlude

This past weekend I was in Ottawa for Physiotherapy(CPA) meetings - we lucked into the Winterlude celebrations. The ice sculptures were a major event across from the Lord Elgin. I managed to jog over to the National Gallery and then cast my personal vote on the sculptures.
Successful meetings and a great visit.