Saturday, July 14, 2012

Practice in St.Philip's

What a great nigtht for a practice session

Taking the paddle board out on Conception Bay

St.Philips is the place to go on Thursday nights for a workout, practicing rescues,  and strokes. Fifteen minute drive and we are on the water. You can't do much better than that - plus we were not alone: swimmers on the beach, boaters, divers were below and many were trying their luck fishing.
It was a busy spot.

KNL Safety Day

Large crowds gathered all day to try kayaks

Watch demos and view safety displays

Craig giving a potential KNL member a tour

Sean placed 1st in kayak sprint and takes a victory lap

Greenland kayaking style prevails
 Organizers for the annual KNL Safety Day had a great day to showcase kayaking, canoeing, boating and sailing on Octagon Pond in Paradise.

Father's Day Paddle

Preparing to launch

Part of a group of 25

Eugene heading into the waterfall

Breaking for lunch

the Father's Day paddle is another KNL tradition. Moderate winds but a brilliant day and we all had a great lunch on the beach. Minimal swell to keep thngs interesting. Then we joined all the Cape Broyle locals for a Father's Day coffee afterward at the Riverside Restaurant. 

Terra Nova

Alternative to Sandy Pond

The winds were high but the location was perfect

Serge led the group through a bracing clinic

Sunday paddle left from the Marine Interpretation centre

The water was cold enough to wear mitts

Sandy takes a moment during lunch to explain the intricacies involved
in preparing a sea urchin for sushi snack on the water

I have been slow to get my slides all organized plus some error has occurred on my laptop preventing me from submitting blogentries.
I may have forgotten some key elements from the KNLretreat which is a May long weekend tradition.  I do remember being slow to take off on Friday and not arriving until later Friday night but in enough time to enjoy the gourmet preparations made by Cyril. Thanks to Outfitters for sponsoring the social as just one of the ways they contribute to the event.
For the first time ever as far as I can recall we could not paddle on Sandy Pond for the clinic sessions. So while retreat organizers scouted scouted for a suitable alternative we worked with Neil and Peter on Wilderness Safety and Packing your Kayak for Camping.
After lunch we headed to a beach near Burnside and carried on with clinics on the water. Serge's bracing session was great but whenever we stopped to listen we drifted as a pod a considerable distance with the wind and had to keep making adjustments in our position - a minor inconvenience.
Sunday was left for a day trip - two groups of 20-30 each enjoyed exploring the area around the Marine Interopretation centre.
Monday morning we wrapped up with a traditional breakfast served up by the board and sponsored by Arthur Janes.
Always a great time - and great motivation to start the paddling season in earnest.