Monday, September 6, 2010


I know what you might be thinking...
When I was at our downtown Starbucks, shortly before we took off on our road trip I bought a pack of instant bold coffee - for emergencies. Ever since my tastebuds were embarassed by a taste test between the brewed and the instant I have considered packing instant, just in case. Up to that moment I could never bring myself to actually buy a pack. For our trip which involved camping and considerable driving, the main plan was to use a freshly ground batch of my Jumping Bean coffee brewed in my camp turkish coffee pot.
But, I ran into technical difficulties with my pot. In the cold fog and early morning drizzle in Pistolet Bay - Starbucks instant coffee saved the day. I think I will be carrying a pack of Starbucks in the food pack for future trips. Nothing beats freshly brewed and I go to a fair bit of trouble to brew coffee on the road but when all else fails - pull out the instant.

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