Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice Cover - Out of Equilibrium

Iceberg in Spaniard's Bay

The article Out of Equilibrium by Charles Schmidt see: Environ Health Perspect 119:a20-a28, 2011 is worth checking out. I believe Alison first drew attention to the piece in her blog, but I am only now getting around to reading it. I am sure experts in the area would have a different view but I was blown away by some of the information for example, the authors wrote: In August 2010 an iceberg four times the size of Manhattan broke off the coast of Greenland and began drifting out to sea.

Maybe it's the absence of snow here in NL and the bizarre amounts of snow elsewhere like Glasgow plus these articles - but you have to think all this is evidence something is out of synch.

Have a read through this article. I am glad someone is keeping an eye on things I just hope the political decision makers are listening to the experts.

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