Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby seals

Recently we came across a baby seal alone on the beach. I had no sense that the animal was in distress so was completely fine with leaving it alone. However, I can see though how some(kayakers or hikers) might attempt to assist.

Our recent sighting is a good reminder for us as that when we kayakers or beach-walkers see baby seals "all alone" on the rocks, the young seals are usually fine. The mother seals are usually just out of sight nearby.

I haven't seen a NL version but there is a good pamphlet from Wild ARC in case you see an animal in distress:

Here in NL call DFO’s Report hotline is 1-888-895-3003. Call to report any sightings of marine mammals in distress. I think you can also use this number to report marine turtle sightings.

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Tony said...

I'd be inclined to let nature take its course. I mean, what's the difference between 5,999,999 seals and 6,000,000 seals?

Marine animals endangered however is another story.

Tony :-)