Saturday, January 15, 2011

the French connection in Newfoundland and Labrador

Photograph © French Shore Historical Society of original design ©Jean Claude Roy and Christina Roy 2007-2009

Check out the website for photo of French shore tapestry see:

The top photo is from the website of Jean Claude Roy. It is a part of a panel from a remarkable 222 foot tapestry currently on exhibit at the Geo Centre. Photos are not permitted at the exhibit. (used with permission see above)
This exhibit is worth attending before the end of January. When we were travelling along the French Shore - Griquet, Quirpon and numerous other communities, we read and heard about the tapestry being exhibited in the French Shore Interpretation Centre in Conche. Unfortunately we missed the exhibit there, so were really pleased to find it - winding its way through the exhibit hall of the Geo Centre. The French history in Newfoundland is fascinating - Jean Claude Roy and his wife Christine bring it alive in their design and colours. A group of 13 women from Conche embroidered the French Shore Tapestry which is the property of the French Shore Historical Society. These embroiders from the region who worked on the tapestry since 2007, have made sure the unique history of the region has been captured for many years to come - in this extraordinary work of art. I would have bought the book, since there were many interesting interpretations captured in the art and enlightening commentary for each panel; but it is not yet published.

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