Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gran Bruit

My friend Doug Bird from the Tickle Trunk painted this and I was struck by the colours. This print was supposed to be a gift but it ended up on one of our walls, and we had to get another. This summer marked the end of the community - 31 families voted to relocate Gran Bruit and were receiving government support to move to Burgeo or Port aux Basques. Gran Bruit translates to Great Noise and it is largely believed the name refers to the waterfall that was prominent in the community. Gran Bruit is only accessible by boat so the kayak trip planned by Ralph, Tony and Stan was a great tribute and remembrance of a strong history of a once bustling fishing community on the south west coast.Check out blogs of Tony and Stan of their trip to Gran Bruit

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Tony said...

It was a great trip Mike and still possible but now without ferry service it means a considerable car shuttle.

Tony :-)