Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Steveston, BC

We stayed at the Steveston Hotel - the website has a good photo of the hotel. It is basic, clean and they serve a great breakfast at 0700 hrs. Adjacent to the hotel is the Buck & Ear which is a convenient place to discuss the events of the day over the local BC brews.
The Charthouse down the street was able to seat us outside thanks to the protective but transparent sheeting and a great heating system. We watched the hockey game from Vancouver wondering why we hadn't planned ahead better and taken the new skytrain right downtown and watched the game live. Of course then we would have missed the Pacific mussels.
While my primary misssion was judo related - coaching and attending the Pacific International I couldn't help think about kayaking destinations. You could use Steveston as a base and launch at numerous places in and around Vancouver. As I walked around the waterfront of Steveston you could easily see the influence of the tide. The region is a delta and in the early years subjected to substantial flooding according to my host and local judo instructor. The Georgia Cannery was according to the information I gathered - the largest cannery in the world, when it was operational. Those of us may not or would not appreciate that the Fraser River basin is a huge food reservoir - home to a large variety of pacific fish and judging by the number of boats tied up, still a substantial fishery.
No doubt in the spring and summer months the river, basin and the routes along the coast will be bustling with a considerable amount of vessel traffic.
Directly across from Steveston(SW) was a bird sanctuary and we could appreciate significant movement of birds throughout the day.
I am going to dig out and read Kayak Routes of the Pacific Northwest Coast by Peter McGee. It was given to me as a gift but will make more sense now and hopefully assist in planning another trip to BC, this time with some local kayakers.

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