Sunday, January 24, 2010

Banff Film Festival - Day 2

Several great films tonite.

1. Africa Revolution Tour - this was a fascinating whitewater tour with a group of US kayakers who went through Africa. Not just paddling but promoting an important education cause through a group called Sun Catchers.Check out the website.
I am going to purchase their DVD through Heliconia Press.

2. Take a Seat - We first meet up with the main character in Alaska.It is his goal to ride from an isolated community there to the southern most point in South America. On a tandem bike. The idea is that he invites individuals in each place he rides through the hop on the back and ride with him, for as long as they can. The movie captures some interesting experiences on a long journey - well over a year. Well worth seeing. Keep an eye out for the book.
Plus here is the website:

3. Alone on the Wall
This film is unbelievable. It is extraordinary for the mental preparation aspect alone, never mind the physical athletic ability.

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