Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coach Training in Steveston BC

This past week I was in Steveston, British Columbia. Fantastic spot - I felt right at home. Steveston is located on the delta of the Fraser River. Weather wise it was fascinating - the grass was green. I was glad I brought my rain gear as I did some walking from the hotel to the dojo. The last morning I was up walking around town at 0530, I only met two others - going into Starbucks and it was still rainy and very windy. Thankfully for the olympic organizers lots of mountains to store and make snow.
The community is home to the Steveston Judo Club which was founded more than fifty years ago by a group of dedicated judoka. It is now part of the Steveston Martial Arts Centre.
The Steveston Judo Club was host of Judo Canada's coach facilitator training session which I was fortunate to be invited. Those of us who facilitate coaching theory and technical judo courses were gathered to integrate both in a learning package that can be delivered to coaches and allow them to become trained or certified.
It was a great week but a busy one.

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