Saturday, February 24, 2007


Now is the time to step up or refocus training for the start of the kayak season.
A training concept called periodization may help - there are a number of coaching resources that go into quite a bit of detail. See links. The planning tool coaches use with performance athletes is called a Yearly Planning Instrument or YPI. Depending on your fitness or training goals this type of tool may be helpful to guide you through the preparation phase and training phases into the critical summer period. For most of us non-competitive kayakers the primary goals may relate to several long trips or major events. If there are more competitive or specialized goals one would need to train or practice specifically to meet those goals. Increasing your aerobic tolerance and developing a good aerobic foundation can be beneficial physiologically, when adding sprint or anaerobic tasks. So now is a good time to walk more, hike, swim or cross country ski. This time of year to also work on skills such as rolls and rescues, in the pool environment.

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