Sunday, February 4, 2007

Hey what about me?

The change in conditions - cold, windy and sunny made for an inviting walk around the
city this afternoon. The wind made a pair of snow board goggles a handy thing to have on hand.
Road crews were everywhere.
You can see from the photo, residents were becoming increasingly territorial with their parking spots. The sense that they had carved out a spot for their own vehicle seemed to make it logical that they would claim this spot as there own.
In contrast to less friendly approaches to the winter snow blues I encountered a driver of one of the snowclearing plows. While taking a few pictures of the work involved in clearing all the snow, this fellow leans out from his cab and shouts down "hey what about me?" He has a good laugh and a wave and I took his picture. Great to see folks take a moment to share a laugh even while working hard.

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