Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cross training

Cross country skiing and skate skiing in particular has turned out to be a tremendous
training method. I have found myself slow in mastering the technique but when the conditions match my waxing application, everything comes together for a great workout.
What could be better than a groomed trail within a small wilderness area, minutes from home. It was cold, light snow and sunny - perfect conditions.
At a presentation on injury prevention, I had remarked that I had experienced many of the painful problems that can occur during the X country ski season. It was not my intent to come with that much personal experience but this type of cross country skiing was foreign to most of my previous training approaches. These problems are mostly under control now, although I still have an overuse syndrome active in the hip abductors.
Double poling and jumping into the nordic trails provides a short break as I am building up endurance.
Sea kayaking is going to seem like a break when the cross country season concludes.

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