Friday, October 14, 2011

Kayaker in mouth of whale

This fantastic photo has been making the rounds of cyberspace. Apparently it is the masterful work of photographer Tim Shobe of Shobe Studios. He combined two beautiful but unrelated photographs taken 3 months apart. A full analysis is found on Hoax Slayer. He caught a lot of negative email for the composite photo, even though he didn't release the work himself. If he can do this kind of work, I would attend any workshop he gave on how to effectively to use Photoshop. It is creative and fun but also doesn't take away from the incredible shot of the whale feeding in or around Sitka, Alaska. For kayakers - it is the sort of shot that one might either dream or have nightmares about, depending on how lucky you are in extreme moments.
Photo: used with permission.


T. Shobe said...

Thank you for posting my image and with the photo credit. Your compliments about my work are very much appreciated!

Tim Shobe

Tony said...

Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewey on the inside.

Tony :-)