Sunday, September 18, 2011

Petermann Ice Island

I had hoped we might be able to catch up with the Petermann Ice Island at some time this summer. Our best opportunity seemed to be out of Twillingate with the Iceberg Quest but that was not possible on the day we were there, due to sea conditions. It is quite likely they may not even have travelled near the ice islands. The size of the island makes it appear no doubt much closer than it is. As luck would have it we met Jim Hanson - originally from Grand Falls, living in Pensylvania but back to NL every summer. He told a great story of how he had met a fisherman in White Bay who had agreed to take a German couple out to view the Petermann Island and that he could get a ride out with them. Apparently, the German couple had flown to Newfoundland expressly to see the Petermann Ice Island but had failed up to that point to get on the water or reasonably close from shore. So Jim, the couple from Germany and the White Bay fisherman all made it out to the Ice Island. Jim's photos are spectacular, but when you listen to the descriptions you realize what an amazing site is floating past our shores. You would need an extraordinary panoramic feature to capture the length and breadth of this ice island. Jim kindly agreed to send us a couple of photos and gave me permission to post a couple - thanks Jim and thanks to the fisherman from White Bay. Not only did this fisherman take them all out there - they all came back to his house for a cup of tea.
Photo credit: Jim Hanson
Used with permission.

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