Monday, March 14, 2011

Greenland Paddling - Preliminary practice for the roll

Working on getting body positioning correct - shoulders flat in water, perpendicular to kayak.

Practicing with float on either side of paddle

Derrick putting all the skills together

We had a great opportunity to practice some Greenland paddling techniques strokes, braces and the roll. The pool was the ideal environment especially at this time of year. Neil Burgess shared some concepts he picked up last summer and walked us through some practical drills to get the feel for lining up perpendicular to the kayak, letting your go with the paddle, head control and body position in the water. In this session we paired up and worked through some practice drills, focusing in large part in developing the kinesthetic awareness to lie on the surface with your kayak on edge. For example - it always seems to me my body is in the position I want, but there is always tweaking to be done and that is where a partner and instructor were invaluable. Greenland paddling gained a few more converts - we may have enough for an official NL Greenland paddling chapter.
Video to come.

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