Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kayaks, Archaeology and Ethnology

You don't often have the chance to see and sit in real kayaks in a museum. But this past weekend KNL was part of a follow-up to a wonderful installation/exhibit entitled Slicing through the Waves.
Members of KNL were on hand to provide information to the public - of all ages who came down to the Rooms. A range of equipment and kayaks were on display to try out and test.
The Curator of Archaelology and ethnology - Kevin McAleese provided an historic look as Inuit skin boats, Linda Bartlett(KNL) gave a presentation on how to get started kayaking and the Coast Guard(OBS) were on hand with an educational video to make sure newcomers to the sport had all the information to make them safe heading out ont the water.


Michael said...

I'd followed this exhibition on the KNL site and wondered what it looked like. Good to see some pics!

I'll be in NL in July, hope to get out paddling with you folks...

michael said...

The photos don't do the full exhibit justice, but you get a bit of an idea of the place.
Hope you make it - let me know and I will bring you down to the Crow's Nest for a tour, post paddle!