Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Search of the Paddling Gourmet

Thai Green Fish Curry
400 g Chinese noodles
2 Tbsp Thai green curry paste (pick up from Auntie Crae’s)
1 ¾ cup coconut milk ( Chinese grocery store)
1 Tbsp lime juice
12 oz cod or haddock

Cook noodles. Set aside
Cook curry paste X 30 sec on high heat
Pour in lime juice and milk bring to a boil – lower heat
Add fish and cook for 3 minutes
Add noodles, cook for 2 minutes

Last week Cyril Ryan(Culinary Creations) presented a great session on some gourmet cooking ideas.
Members were asked to bring a recipe. Those without a recipe contributed five dollars; the total will go to the purchase of a cooking package to be drawn at our annual retreat. The recipe above was one of a number of submissions, which will be published later in the Ebb and Flow.
Cyril on this occasion had the run of the community kitchen but kept his ideas confined to those which could be prepared on one or two burners.
Highlights of his presentation include these suggestions:
1. when purchasing a propane or gas stove consider what you want it to do eg.simmer
2. consider vacuum sealing and or dehydrating some meals
3. plan for meals in advance - you might need two burners
4. do some chopping ahead of time
5. ingredients for biscuits can be bagged
6. bringing a few key ingredients and spices can make a big difference
7. be creative
8. if you have the space in your kayak, bring the cooking pot you need.


Alison Dyer said...

sorry I didn't make it to the gourmet paddling evening... i'd love to get more recipes (will they be made available from that night? a KNL paddling gourmet cookbook :)
i can taste this dish already - thanks for organizing!

michael said...

You may be on to something. Sounds like a great project. Recipes will hopefully be published in the Ebb and Flow. I will continue to gather recipes as folks send them in.