Sunday, February 3, 2008

Banff Film Festival

What a festival this year. My favourite this year was Ice Mines - a film about a
unique climbing expedition led by Will Gadd into an abandoned mine in Sweden.

I have been in some caves in Slovakia but who would have thought about ice climbing in an abandoned mine. Gadd and company found an extraordinary icicle formation and a good section of the filmcaptures how they manage to climb this feature they named the Brain.

Apparently there are thousands of frozen mines in Sweden just waiting for more climbers. One mine they visited dated back more than 600 years.

Another film that was quite extraordinary was 20 Seconds of Joy..

This film follows the career of a Norwegian Base jumper until the event that brings her jumping to a startling impasse.

Lots of other entries that were fun and amazing like King Lines. Check out:

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