Sunday, June 10, 2007

Iceberg Alert

Icebergs are a natural phenomenom here in Newfoundland that attract large numbers of spectators wherever they become grounded. These icebergs above are settled in off Quidi Vidi - a small community just west of St.John's. Three of us set off to take a look beyond the usual land vantage points.

Earlier I had spoken to one of the residents of Quidi Vidi to inquire as to how he was coping with the sudden thrust of onlookers - he shrugged off the crowds as only being around for three months of the year, so he seemed to be saying it was no problem. His comments reminded me that the visits to the area are only partly due to the iceberg landings.

It is not often that kayakers leave Quidi Vidi during the summer - it is not always an easy paddle given the immediate exposure once outside the protection of the small bay.

The demands of the sea state, combined wave action and swell - necessitated keeping both hands on the paddle, once we paddled beyond the headland. I never had a chance to reach forward and snap a few shots, I will leave the detailed photos of an upclose iceberg to another time.

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