Friday, March 9, 2007

Kelly Kettle

A number of kayakers referred to the Kelly Kettle. I picked up mine
some time ago through Lee Valley. Water is poured down an outside cylinder and a
fire is made in the holder below - it almost works like a chimney. It is easy to carry and
a great back up when paddling or camping. Bring some dry kindling in your lunch
bag and usually that's enough to get the water boiling for tea or soups.

No matter where you land you can usually find enough dry twigs to keep it going for a second boil. Save the propane for serious cooking. It's a good idea to pack it in a small bag separately as the inside gets covered with soot and can mess up the rest of the gear you are packing.
A bonus is that is at least one person in camp usually volunteers to keep it going or ready to light.
It's a great gift.

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