Monday, March 12, 2007


I have given up trying to grow bonsai. I have had a number over the years - some I have bought, others I have harvested or grown from cuttings. Unfortunately, all succombed to one ailment or another.

I recall mentioning to a friend that I was considering buying or special ordering others, his response was - "why bother?" we are, as the expression goes locally, maggotty with them. So I have moved on to appreciating the bonsai of Newfoundland in their
original state.
Naturally stunted growth by fierce elements and fighting for survival in odd precarious locations for growth.
These photos were taken on a sea kayaking trip from Bellevue Beach to Chance Cove in Trinity Bay, NL.

Sea kayaking provides remarkable access to the most isolated forms of growth.

The photo below is from Aquaforte on the Southern Shore of NL.

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