Thursday, April 5, 2012

Storm Shuts Down Gov't Offices and City

Heading out this morning to walk into the clinc, I expected the cold and wind. Last night walking back from the Frobisher Inn for weekly wing nite, I could not see the usual trail leading back to the main street. And I could hear the wind all night. I had used an extra base layer and made it in without a problem; I even made it out and back for lunch. With 50-60km winds the wind chill brought the temperatues down to -30. I just stepped in through the door at 1250hrs, when I received an email saying everything was shut down. Storm warnings are taken seriously, so those who were out for lunch and had heard, did not try to come back. As I stepped out again I could not make out any features from the airport seen so clearly this am. Visibility was dramatically reduced, so that even in the city, if stranded anywhere this could be dangerous because of the cold temperatures and the few folks out walking around that might be able to help. I made it back to the apartment taking shots as I walked and shortly after taxis stopped running and the grocery shut down for the rest of the day. I don't know where they go, but the usual group of ravens were tucked away somewhere and noticeably quiet. Great afternoon to have a coffee and review some papers.

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