Saturday, March 24, 2012

Iqaluit - Nunavut

I lucked into a locum with Rehab Services here in Iqaluit. Incredible spot - sun seems to be brilliant every day.
I am staying at the Discovery Lodge which is a short walk to the beach of Frobisher Bay. The waters of the bay are frozen solid with piles of pack ice tossed about by the action of the tide. I am not sure I will be here for the breaking up of the ice - but most locals take to skidoos not kite flying and skis.


Tony said...

Mike, had a coffee with Aimee today and she told me you had headed north. Too bad you won't see open ice but maybe you'll check out some hand made kayaks?

Tony :-)

Tony said...

That should be open water, doh!

michael said...

I will be checking out kayaking opportunities for July - I may be back. I will try and search out local outfitters for information on their kayaks. In the meantime will get out dog sledding.