Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meares Island

Bald eagle - one of several who were giving quite a show.

Stepping into a whole different world.

Cedar and hemlock in rainforest

After paddling through the oyster farm and meandering up the inlet we found a section of Meares Island where Ray knew of a separate trail. As we approached we were all struck by the number of eagles that were coming and going in the beach area we were headed. There was plenty of time for those in the group with cameras with batteries still working, to pull them out of dry bags. One of our group had such a large camera I thought she was on assignment. It was an uncommon experience for me to see so many eagles at the same time and for them to tolerate the company of kayakers for so long. We landed on the beach to one side of a small salmon river; after a gourmet packed lunch we followed Ray through a small break in the shore brush into a rainforest with damp pathways, huge ferns and giant cedars. It was an extraordinary place and one that would have been clear cut in the 1980s if it not for the efforts of the tribal band and local supporters.

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