Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Greenland Paddling

Maligiaq Padilla was the special guest instructor Saturday morning at Sandy Pond. He provided excellent direction and advice. His demonstrations made using the Greenland paddle appear effortless. One interesting aspect to his approach was that he was not hard and fast in method or technique. He let us know there are many different forms of Greenland paddling - and there is no right way. The most significant point he emphasized was that he avoided trunk rotation and felt doing so made his back more at risk to injury. We spent a lot of time in drills, practicing forward and backward strokes, and sweeps. He is quite a competitor, so there were several races, lots of drafting and a few toggle to toggle tug of wars on the water. Another exercise was to kayak up on a blind folded resting paddler and paddle upclose to his kayak, without him hearing the movement of the paddle in the water. A great session.

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