Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stones into Schools

I am in the midst of reading this book - Greg Mortenson's follow-up to Three Cups of Tea. I highly recommend it.
With all the discussion on Afghanistan - this book should be required reading for Prime Minister Harper's office staff, and political decision makers, not only in Canada but in the US.
Greg Mortenson, his board and foundation have accomplished a significant amount by just being present and building schools. We are fortunate to have individuals like Greg working tirelessly in the region, who seem to deal head on with foreign policy dilemmas and get the job done, without creating extraordinary complications.
An alternative approach to fighting terrorism involves building positive relationships with village leaders and the people. Greg through his non-profit Central Asia Institute(CAI)have provided a positive example and in the areas they have worked have reduced the fears that some Afghan residents had about the US and the west.
The subtitle of the book seems to summarize things quite well - promoting peace with books not bombs. I think the Central Asia Institute may be my choice this year for donations and fundraising.

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