Sunday, May 16, 2010


Earlier this week Michael Pretty(Wilderness First Aid Instructor)presented some very useful reminders regarding hypothermia at our final KNL education session.
And he supervised a burrito wrap.The photo is from another source but the concept is similar. Additional points: control head, be gentle with person in hypothermia as they can be easily injured, remove wet clothes(particularly cotton), wrap in dry clothes, use a garbage bag and duct tape to create a diaper, climbing rope under wrap to create a weave in case the person has to be lifted.
You need: tarp next to ground, rope under tarp, foil wrap next to person, blanket.
Take off shoes.
Wrap like a burrito: which means bring bottom up, tuck corner, pull left then right sides in. Weave rope. Optional use of heat sources can be used: for example chemical heat padscan be placed under armpits. If the person is able to sip - warm water mixed with jello powder can recharge. But, water should not be hot otherwise it is counterproductive.
The consensus of the group is that we should practice these effective means of managing hypothermia throughout the summer,since even a short time in the Atlantic can lead to hypothermia.
Plus the ideal action would be to take a Wilderness Safety Course.

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