Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eastern Horizons

I have been reviewing this great video by Bryan Smith who was a guest at last years MEC paddlefest and prior guest at KNL's retreat.
This is a great video and captures some incredible views of the East Coast as well as some wonderful short clips from kayakers all over the eastern region. Also great shots of one of our favourite paddle destinations in Newfoundland - Chance Cove. Bringing in guests like Paul Kuthe for the Fundy whirlpool sequence was brilliant. Worthwhile picking up - you can't just watch it once. It has inspired me to organize a trip to Quirpon Island - one of the great spots to go. The sequence where Bryan runs madly down the path to fling himself into the kayak to get out on the water where a whale has suddenly appeared(after a considerable wait)is one that a lot of paddlers can relate.

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