Saturday, February 6, 2010

Australian boxing kangaroo - Vancouver 2010

Here is an interesting dilemma. Vancouver recently published a 137 page Protocol Manual that suggests to Vancouver residents how to behave and respond to visitors - among other things. Here is the link from the City of Vancouver website.

Yet, last week the city issued an order for Australian athletes to take down their banner that features the team mascot. Apparently it is still up but, the reaction from city officials hasn't made the olympic organizers any more popular with the residents and olympic supporters.

Somebody in city hall hasn't been catching the spirit of the games.

The focus should be on the athletes - organizers have to cut partipants a little slack. Afterall, a good part of what the olympics games is about is tolerance, friendship..

Oddly enough the public response to such overzealous flag monitoring, has been much more positive: the Australian boxing kangaroo flag is fast becoming a much sought after item.

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iron_outlaw said...

The Kangaroo's name is Jack. He came to life in 1891 and has been growin ever since. His first claim to fame was on the Australian fighting planes in 1941 with the numer 21 squadron with the RAAF.
Later he was used in the Americas Cup Challenge in 1983 with a successful win. Then in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics. He is a national symbol that all Australians take with them to major sporting events. He stands for "the fight to win and the honour of the game"
Funnily enough, even though he was taken down from the balcony of the Olympic villiage, communities around Canada have now flown the Aussie flag in support of the Aussies. As our flag is being questioned and possibly redesigned, Jack has taken prominence and is now our national symbol.