Saturday, August 29, 2009

Practice in St.Phillip's

Usually when the winds are beyond 50 km I go and mow the lawn, head to the Farmer's market... but yesterday I got an invite to join a group on the water just outside St.Phillip's.
What a day to test a kayak and skills!
In the relative protection of this inlet and just beyond the headland you get a good sense of the power of the wind and waves. In the search for realistic practice opportunities this was the ultimate.
I was the last to arrive and the first to leave but it was a good though quick workout.
This location is close to St.John's and easily accessible - a bonus for me was the harbour master didn't charge for launching.

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Tony said...

Ya, its a pretty convenient location. Graham picked it last year and we've just been coming back to it. Launching fees aren't an issue - never been asked for. You can also paddle up past the bridge and clean the salt off in the fresh water.

Tony :-)