Sunday, May 24, 2009

Snagged from certain disaster

From the file folder marked: just when you thought you have seen everything - we were driving back from the kayak retreat glad not to be fighting brutal wind gusts, when we passed a small dog running at full tilt for St.John's.
We thought the dog would just gradually decide to run off to the side or that nearly being hit twice would convince the little thing to run on the shoulder or pop back onto a side road and make it's way back to it's owners camp site.
But no - it looked this dog had a mission in mind.
Paul couldn't in good conscience keep driving knowing that it would be hit by oncoming traffic within minutes. So he managed to get it to run over to him - and pop in the back seat where it seemed perfectly happy to sit amongst all the kayak gear.
Fortunately the good folks at the Clarenville SPCA never close - and I suppose for good reason.
We dropped the dog off and heard later that the owner was looking for the dog and claimed her later that night.

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