Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jelly fish

I was intrigued this past summer to find an exhibit at the Metro Zoo that featured moon jelly fish. Who would have thought they would warrant their own section/aquarium with a special viewing glass? They seem a bit common place here and folks paddle over and around them without much thought. They are however, quite amazing creatures and no doubt we will be seeing more of them. A number of us came across a "bloom" of them a while ago just a short distance off shore in Trinity that was quite incredible. Not just a half a dozen but hundreds - extending out in a semi-circular shape about 8m long but more interesting layered upon each other 4-5 m deep. One of the members of our KNL newsgroup reminded me of these photos when he provided a link to Dave Gallo's talk, this is a video worth reviewing.


Alex said...

I caught your post on google alerts. If you like the jellyfish at the aquarium, you might be interested in Jellyfish Art. They make high-end custom jellyfish aquariums. There are good pictures and video at

michael said...

Thanks Alex - I checked it out, great pictures.