Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kids Day at Pippy Park

The Outfitters sponsored a great event for kids, but all ages turned up to try kayaking. When expert kayakers weren't on the water supervising, they were goofing around.
A great idea to promote kayaking and water safety.


Neil Burgess said...

Hi Mike,
Great photos and video clips from Great Island. It is fantastic to hear the seabirds and watch the video. I could almost smell the birds!

Your photo album from the Magdalenes is great! Looks like you had great weather. The sandstone cliffs near the campsite are wonderful, eh? Isabelle just flew back to the Magdalenes for 2 weeks to see her family and get her summer beach fix!


michael said...

Thanks Neil.
I am glad you noticed the Magdalenes album - I talked to Isabelle before she left, it's a great time to be there. I enjoyed the beaches - dunes for as long as you can see. mk