Sunday, July 13, 2008

Whales in Mobile

Andrew and I took a leisurely drive out to Mobile yesterday and launched from the beach at Mobile. This is a section of the beach that is linked to the East Coast trail. Occasionally this launch site is difficult due to the surf but this morning it was quiet. We expected to join up with a number of kayakers but there was no formal trip planned. We paddled up the shore of the harbour then into the middle of
activity. A small group of us had gathered in almost a semi-circle and two whales seemed to be investigating us rather than the other way around.
Tony managed to get extraordinary video which he has shared on the KNL link.
There was a sense of amazement but at the same time nervousness because even after a number of sightings, encounters of whales this was one of the closest a number of us had been.
The pictures and video were great but the combination of seeing, hearing combined with the smells go beyond what can be described. You had to be there.

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