Saturday, August 25, 2007

Trinity Bay

At this time of year Trinity draws lots of folks to the community to see all the talented atrists and actors/actresses. A number of us attended a great pageant presentation this year and stayed at the Peace Cove Inn in Trinity East.

The other great local experience is the Skurwink Hiking Trail. Just a short walk from the Inn and a beautiful coastal trail - eagles are often seen perched in the tall trees. The beaches viewed from the trail can be accessed by kayaking around the headland.

If the winds are up, stick to the inside of Trinity Bay and explore the rock outcroppings and putter among the sea stacks. Trinity East is an easy paddle from Trinity and just around the corner is a large mussel farm located in God's Cove - where else would you farm for mussels?

Darren and Jill run Trinity Sea Kayaking.They launch their excursions from the public beach near the Dock Marina, just a stone's throw from the laundry scene in the pageant. If you want to join in a professional safe tour - give them a call. On Thursday I joined them for their morning run and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves - what better way to prepare for a business meeting the next day, than run out to Trinity and paddle the bay? On the return to the beach we ran into a swarm of moon jellyfish - a rather incredible, almost unnerving site to paddle through thousands of these creatures.

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