Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Whales are in - Middle Cove

Middle Cove beach can be packed with visitors at the start of capelin seasons, so it is a smart idea to visit the beach using a kayak.

We launched from Outer Cove looking for a quick workout and to see the extent of the capelin activity - we were surprised to find a pair of humpback whales diving and feeding just outside of the cave we were checking out.

The whales swam in towards Middle Cove on one side and we paddled in on the opposite side, expecting to give them plenty of room.

It was quite a surprise to find these two whales happy to almost land on the beach in an effort to get as many capelin as possible. I don't think it is exaggeration to say they came within thirty feet of folks on shore. These whale photos were obtained from a friend onshore as we unbelievably left ours at home.

Quite a show for one of the first whale encounters of the season and only fifteen
minutes drive from home.

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